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Airfloat is a modular pontoon system. Manufactured in Ireland by Carbery Plastics Limited. Airfloat is a tried, trusted and tested solution and today provides safe access to water at inland and coastal installations worldwide… just as it has done for over two decades.

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What is Airfloat?

Airfloat comprises 700mm square modules. Each module is secured to another, using a specially designed, locking pin.

A Low Maintenance Solution

Airfloat modules and pins are rotationally moulded from a specialist grade of Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE). Corrosion resistant, they will never rot or rust. Airfloat provides a low maintenance solution, where safe access to water is required.

Built Stronger to Last Longer

MDPE is renowned for its excellent impact and temperature resistance properties. And to ensure Airfloat can take withstand even the harshest operating environments, Airfloat modules and pins are UV stabilised to protect against the damaging effects of sunlight. For complete peace of mind and reassurance, Airfloat materials are highly resistant to acids and hydrocarbons too.

Better. By Design.

Airfloat modules and locking pins are manufactured as single piece items – so there are no welds, joints or seams. Each module incorporates a purpose-designed, conical underside for maximum stability on and in the water.
Integrally moulded lugs allow accessories to be quickly configured (and reconfigured) according to customer specific requirements

Fully Scalable

Recognising customer requirements change over time, Airfloat can change too. Designed as a fully scalable system, you can add, remove or even reposition individual modules as required.

Remarkably Flexible

Airfloat is suitable for both permanent and temporary installation. Designed to be installed quickly and easily, with minimal expertise, multiple anchoring options are available.Ideal for permanent moorings, Airfloat can also be deployed on demand, when and where it’s required. Easily transportable, Airfloat is the ideal solution for temporary, seasonal and event applications.

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