AIRFLOAT Modular Pontoon Systems

The AIRFLOAT Modular Pontoon System (AIRFLOAT MPS) consists of high strength and high buoyancy modules (blocks), 700mm square, that lock together using the integrally designed pin. Together with an extensive range of accessories.

AIRFLOAT MPS is highly versatile and the cost effective answer to create pontoons and floating jetties and walkways.

Airfloat Modular Pontoon System - 5
Airfloat Modular Pontoon System in use - Scilly St Mary
Airfloat Modular Pontoon System in use - Quay

System Applications

The system is easy and quick to install, providing a temporary or permanent installation solution.

AIRFLOAT MPS is tried and tested and has been successfully utilised in numerous different applications in both the leisure and commercial marine sectors ranging from:

  • Floating Jetties
  • Rowing and Diving Pontoons
  • Transport and Working Platforms
  • Landing Stages
  • Floating Bridges
  • Breakwaters
  • Pollution Containment
  • Fish Farms
  • Leisure and Recreation Pontoons
  • Wharf Protection

Technical Specifications


Module and Connecting Pin manufactured from Linear Medium Molecular Density Polyethylene (MDPE) with narrow molecular weight distribution to give improved impact resistance. Containing UV inhibitors to protect from ultra violet radiation, AIRFLOAT MPS is extremely tough, vandal resistant, virtually maintenance free, rot proof, 100% recyclable, resistant to acids and hydrocarbons.

Airfloat Modular Pontoon System - 2


Impact Resistance: A 78kg weight repeatedly dropped from a 3m height onto the surface and side of a module caused virtually no damage.

Tensile Strength of Lugs: Along diagonal and horizontal axes, more than 3 tonnes per unit.

A comprehensive series of tests has been carried out by University College Cork’s, Hydraulics and Maritime Research Centre and is available on request.


All metal fixings are manufactured from either marine grade aluminium, 316 stainless steel or mild steel hot dip galvanised to BS 729. Fendering, unless otherwise specified, is made up from 65mm ‘D’ Section EPDM or PVC. Lug fittings are fabricated from extruded UHMD Polyethylene with 316 SS Bolts.

Airfloat Modular Pontoon System - 3


AIRFLOAT can be manufactured in a wide range of colours with green & black a popular choice.


Basic module: 700mm x 700mm x 440mm high

Draft: 50mm unloaded

Freeboard: 390mm (to centre of module) unloaded 15kgs per module

Weight: Buoyancy: Single Tier – : 360kgs per m²

Double Tier – : 720kgs per m²


Both module and pin are individually manufactured by rotational moulding in one piece without welds or joins so that no weak points exist. The module underside is conical to give increased stability. The lugs, designed for maximum strength, provide the fixing points for the accessories. No other system can be ballasted to lower the freeboard. This is ideal for rowing stages or to create a ramp perfect for launching boats.​


Recommended anchoring will depend on the site use and seabed conditions. Piles, concrete sinkers and amchors can all be used, the latter two usually ny means of a catenary arrangement passing under the pontoon. Anchoring pillars are designed to attach anchors beneath the pontoon when maximum strength is required.​

Airfloat Modular Pontoon System


The above 80 x 4.2 metre jetty for the Duchy of Cornwall weathered storms of gale force 10 and 7ft waves off the Isles of Scilly. As seen on this video.

Installed over 20 years ago a 240 metre walkway, in Ireland, providing access to  a public beach, crossing sand dunes and tidal inlet, continues to withstand heavy Atlantic storms. (extended & partly refurbished in 2009)

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Customers reviews

What people say about our products?

We have been supporting Airfloat since 2007 and their business ethic have always been first class. We would not hesitate in recommending their services.
Eric Buggy
Peters & May ltd.
We use Airfloat System as a walkaway. It is always included for the movement of troops, when assessing any body of water to be crossed. It is considered as fit for purpose as a walkway when we have to move personnel over water, no matter how large the group.
Sgt Stephen Coffey
I/C Watermanship Training
The floating pontoon 60mts x 3mts from Airfloat is a huge success. It is used daily every day from April to October to facilitate people getting on and off fishing boats, pleasure boats and dinghys. The pontoon is quite sturdy and very safe.
Josephine Geraghty
Coist forbatha cuan oiligh