EirGlide – Module Test

Eirglide Ramp - 2

Test of Eirglide module at Baltimore, Co Cork on the 25th May 2010

This test was conducted to evaluate the Eirglide module with regards to ease of use, durability and versatility.

The Eirglide pontoon was attached to the marina in Baltimore harbour. The weather was fine with light to moderate winds crossing the pontoon from right to left.

Three different RIBs were used on the day, varying in length from 4.5m to 7m.

I found that it was very easy to mount the pontoon at slow speed while still maintaining a good degree of control over the boat. This applied to the three RIBs used on the day. The Eirglide Module was tolerant of less than ideal alignment and possessed good correction characteristics for aligning the boat. This proved useful in the quartering winds.

All the RIBs felt very stable on the pontoon with no tendency to move. This made it very easy to board the boats. Dismounting required a small amount of throttle, allowing the boats a very gentle entry into the water.

A feature of the Eirglide pontoon is the ability to ballast the modules to suit different boats and the owner’s preference. This permits easy dismounting for smaller craft.

On the day of the test in excess of fifty landings were made on to the Eirglide pontoon. This resulted in only light abrasion to the Eirglide module. The hulls of the RIBs were unmarked.

After the testing was complete the Eirglide pontoon was dismantled by two persons in under one hour permitting transport to another site to be easily accomplished.

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